• You might need a combination of tools to eliminate them quickly and effectively. Some tips are more effective than others. The key is to know the weaknesses of each approach and compensate for the weakness. This strategy is not for the price conscious consumer. Other techniques work well, but take more time.
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    Don't depend on one technique or product. Have them with everything that's possible.

    Step 1- Obtain the Nest

    To get the nest, you have to first locate it. Most likely it will be near a water source. Create roach baits to discover where the largest concentrations are.

    Once you see the nest, spray it using the strongest roach killer you'll find. Clean up every aspect of areas with a bleach.

    Step 2- Boric Acid Powders

    Put boric acid dust into the baseboards and crevices. Anywhere there might be a little damp area toss in some dust. The dust will dry the region and help kill roaches.

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    Step 3- Bait

    Put boric acid bait all around the house. Put the bait under sinks, in crevices, under counters, or anywhere you will find the roaches being. Even put the bait where you don't they they'll go; that way a wandering roach won't create a new nest.

    Step 4- Insecticide in the Home or Business

    Spray your flooring and baseboards with insecticide. It really is faster at killing roaches than boric acid. The combination of this and getting the nest will take out many of the roaches quickly. You could even fumigate the entire home. This, however, isn't an ideal or necessary option, but it'll work quickly.

    Step 5- Eliminate Water and Food Sources

    Must, water is more crucial than food. Never allow any water to be waiting in the home. Roaches like to live in drains so that you can pour bleach on the drains of all your sinks to kill them. An advanced "die hard", turn off the water to your residence until the infestation is finished. For toilet bowls, add insecticide or a fair amount of bleach for the water.

    All food needs to be tightly sealed in plastic containers. There should not be any possible morsel for a roach to consume. The only problem is that they eat about everything. Keep paper products and soap saved in tightly sealed containers also. We could talk about wallpaper and books, but wait, how far do you really desire to go?

    Step 6- Keep House Cool

    Roaches like hot humid areas. Maintain your home as cool as you can. Small appliances may be bagged and put within the freezer to kill roaches.

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